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As DC fans start to shake off yet another early postseason exit by the Washington Capitals, this years 2011-2012 season is days away from starting, and the capitals are confident they have the team to take them far. The capitals made some big noise this offseason by signing some great talent from around the league, but do they have what it takes to get passes the conference semis? If you look on paper the capitals have one of if not the best team out there they are very deep and have probably the best goalie duo in the game while also adding some much needed grit in their line up. But the question still remains will the expected players step up to the challenge? Backstrom, Green, Semin, and Ovechkin all had down years last year even though Ovechkin put up over 80 points. In order for the caps to have any type of post season success these key players to step it up. Mainly Semin and Green. Semin did some damage in the post season but was very inconsistent and took way to many stupid penalties last year, look for him to get back on track and go back to his usual 40 goal self. Green on the other hand will more than likely try to be more defensive this year which is great. He’s a great scorer but he needs to focus on his main position.

I expect Green to not put up huge record breaking numbers like he did a few seasons ago, but to be more defensive and play a solid 2 way game. I believe Ovechkin and Backstrom will be back to their normal selves and to put up big numbers. As for the rest I expect a very soild defensive team, the caps defense is very strong and cry deep with a good amount of e experience and explosive players. The forwards beside the ones already listed are also very talented and very deep the capitals 4 th line this year could be most teams 2 nd line, I expect lots of goals and lost of different goal scoters. I’m not going to jump the gun and declare the cup theirs just yet but I beleve George McPhee has put the puzzle pieces in the right order to get this team on track. Only thing to do now is see how it all plays out. I’m am very excited for this year capitals season and hopefully it will be one to remember. I will continue to post news and notes about the capitals as much as I can throughout the season, I will have to work this around school and work but I will do my best. Go Caps and thank god hockey is back!

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