Washington fans should be concerned about their team.  At this point, they look like a sloppier version of the Bad News Bears.  Between the injuries of pivotal players like Mike Green and John Erskine, sloppy play resulting in ridiculous penalties, heinous goaltending and blowout losses, the team is in trouble.

Watching the Capitals lately has been painful to say the least.  In four of the last seven games, the Caps have allowed four or more goals and three of those games resulted in the Caps losing by allowing five, six or seven goals.  Embarrassing play if you ask me.

I’m worried for Washington fans because I think their beloved coach, Bruce Boudreau is getting closer and closer to the chopping block.  In his four years with the Capitals, Boudreau has done wonders for the team, but it appears as though the team is falling apart in front of his very eyes.  From an outside perspective, it looks like Boudreau is losing control.  He benched slapshot star, Alexander Semin for incurring too many penalties, and the next day benched Joel Ward for arriving to practice late.  While Semin scored a beautiful goal and avoided any penalties his first game back, I’m not sure that’s the right message to send to your players.  This isn’t first grade – they don’t need to be put into time out.

Then there is the not so tiny elephant in the room named Alex Ovechkin.  Where has Washington’s captain been all year?  Where is the electrifying, contagious energy he used to embody?  Where is the speed and motivation?  Not much has been offered to Washington from their Captain unless you count lackluster performance and talking smack to his own coach.  Where oh where did their Captain go?

The season is still fresh so I understand that it’s okay not to jump the gun and panic yet, but, with such a great start to the season and a mega free fall just a few weeks later, something isn’t right.  The Capitals need to get it together or it’s going to be a long and painful year.

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