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A lot of Preds fans are beginning to debate the ownership’s (in)ability to spend money.  They said to us in the offseason they would spend more than they have.  They said they have more to spend than they have shown.  Yet, nothing has come out of this.  This has some fans pretty upset.  Here’s the chain of events:


Summer 2011: Shea Weber Arbitration

Shea gets awarded a (much too) hefty one year contract, tying up the Preds hands.  He hasn’t really shown up to be the $7 million player he was perceived as.  Now, this is much too early to debate, as we are only 10 games into the season, but Shea hasn’t exactly been what most have expected.  He is by no means a bad player, but he really hasn’t seemed to elevate his game.  And that is something to be concerned about.


So, this begs some questions:

What if the ownership really doesn’t have the additional money to spend?  What do the Preds do with Shea, especially given they will want to resign Ryan Suter and Pekka Rinne after this season.

Should the Preds try to resign all three?  Is that where the money comes into play that the owners say they have?

Should the Preds let them all walk?

Should they resign some of the three and not all?


Regardless of that decision, Preds fans are stirring up quite a storm over the current situation…. spend, Spend, SPEND the money you said you would.

But I disagree….. Here’s why:

The Preds are playing good hockey.  They are competing with top teams.  They are in a playoff position.  They are scoring by committee.  They are getting great goaltending.  So, why spend a bunch of money, thus causing a big interruption in the group (that seems to be clicking) and risk a lot potentially?

It’s like the Predators are a Honda Civic, running just like the day you bought it, getting (still) 35 MPG.  But, that new Hummer came out, and, man, it sure would look nice in your driveway, even though it costs a lot more and only gets 12 MPG.  It just doesn’t make any sense.

I might find myself in the minority among Preds fans, but I don’t think changes need to come at this point, unless they come via trade.


Until next time…. GO PREDS!

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