The Nashville Predators play at home tonight, and are still seeking their FIRST home victory.  Tonight will be their fourth attempt, and there’s a few reasons the Preds are seriously needing this win…


  1. The Preds have looked lost and frustrated in their last 6, dropping 5 of those last six.
  2. At home, the Preds have been outscored 2:1.  That is NOT what you want to do, because…
  3. The Preds have sold out their first three games.  Tickets are slim and will likely be claimed via walkup tonight, but this team is in a very unique position.  As a team that has notoriously not sold out night-in and night-out, a win tonight could go VERY far for them keeping the walkup fans happy.  STH’s is at an all-time high this season.  The time is now for the Preds to solidify themselves as a Nashville staple.  
  4. Stay a part of the pack.  
  5. Build off of early learns
  6. Fisher’s back, Bouillon’s back, and Erat is likely back Saturday.  Getting the veteran leadership, I think, will propel this team to success sooner rather than later

A problem seen early on with this team is their inability to play a full 60.  This, honestly, has always been something Pred nation has dealt with.  In the past, we have watched the Preds come out and play a solid first frame, followed by a dismal middle, and a scramble in the final frame.  Thus far, this season, the only period the Predators have “won” is the second.
Here’s the goal breakdown per 1st (GF/GA) – 4:9  2nd – 5:2   3rd – 7:11 
That’s nothing to brag about, being outscored, solidly, throughout the game.  Here’s a worse stat:
The Preds have been outshot miserably (SF/SA) 175:273.  This puts them dead last in the league.  You won’t win games like that, even with Pekka Rinne standing on his head (.927).
The Preds have yet to win a game where they go into the following period losing.
I know it’s early, but these stats are telling, and they can lead to bigger problems if they aren’t corrected.
Until next time, GO PREDS!!!

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Hello, folks. My name is Jonathan and I am a Nashville native who grew up on ice hockey. You may wonder how... Well, my dad spent time as a formidable child in Detroit, watching the likes of Gordie Howe and Ted Lindsay, getting the chance to meet them all. He was immediately hooked, and passed that down to me. So, needless to say, I grew up a Red Wings fan (legitimately!), but when the Preds arrived in Nashville, I was in line Day One for tickets, and the team has slowly become my team. The moment I realized the Preds were my team was when I was at a Preds/Wings game in Nashville, and, in my Sergei Fedorov jersey, I screamed, "Go Preds!" Embarrassed, I didn't say much else the rest of the game, and that's when I realized my allegiances had changed. So, I'll say it again, here, "Go Preds!!" I'm very excited to be a part of this blog, and I hope to be able to add a lot to the Preds section. Please feel free to contact me with ideas, questions, thoughts, corrections, anything at all! Thanks for reading.

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