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Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last two weeks or so you’ve probably noticed the incredible performance by Predators center David Legwand. Right now this guy is on fire but the real question is; is this just a streak or is Legwand going to continue and have a really big season? I’m thinking it’s gonna be something in the middle, it’s just a streak but he will still have a great season.

Legwand’s best season was in 2006-2007 when he scored 27 goals and got 63 points in 78 games. Not bad. Currently he’s on pace for 162 points with 41 goals. That’s obviously not going to happen. Could he maybe get somewhere near his career best 63 points, sure, why not, he’s already about a sixth of the way there only 5 games into the season. Legwand’s streak that he has going will, in time, end. It is however the best streak I’ve seen from him to date so I’m excited to see what comes of it. 

Legwand in the past has been a bit inconsistent due to a lot of injuries. He’s had 6 six seasons with less than 70 games in the 12 years that he’s played. However in two of those seasons Legwand, if he had played all 82 games, would have had about 50-55 points and in one year, again if he had played all 82 games, would have had about 63 points. Basically what I’m trying to say is, if Legwand can stay healthy and on a good pace he could very well be Nashville’s top scorer this year. Wouldn’t that be something.

Also when Legwand does well, the team and his linemates do well. Craig Smith, who has been playing on the first line with Legwand recently, currently has 4 points two of which are goals. Also every game that Legwand has done gotten more than 2 points Nashville has won, which makes sense considering the points have to come from somewhere. Personally I’m hoping Legwand continues a little longer with this streak for two reasons. One, because I just claimed him on waivers in my hockey pool and two, because it means more wins for Nashville. With Legwand potentially having his biggest season to date, the young guns like Craig Smith stepping up and our usual great goaltending and defence Nashville could potentially have the best goals for – goals against ratio in the league.

So, in summary, Legwand is just on a streak but it is looking like he is going to have a really great season, if he can stay healthy. If he continues to do well anyone that plays with him will as well and Nashville will likely win a lot more games. Also the Predators, if this great offense continues, could potentially have the best goals for to goals against ratio in the league. Basically, we’re hoping Legwand stays streaking for a while longer.

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