5 days ago, an OJHL scout wrote an article on who the infamous “HockeyyInsiderr” might be. HI as many call him, has been taking social media by storm the last few months. He has almost 50,000 followers on twitter and tweets what his “sources” tell him. His sources are often very, very wrong, and he seems to make things up. The most notable mistake he’s made is telling people every single one of his sources told him that Zach Parise was 100% going to Pittsburgh, only to watch him sign in Minnesota with Ryan Suter, who was supposedly going to Detroit. In his twitter bio, it says he has worked for 4 NHL teams, and has many sources throughout the league. If he actually had worked for 4 teams in his career, you would think that he would at least be in his 40’s, maybe even 50’s. But his constant explosivness of hate on people that called him out for being wrong was not mistaken to be any more than an immature teenager or young adult. He constantly said “bye hater” to anyone who said something bad about him. What adult do you know that does that? He is very un-professional, and last time I checked, people like Darren Dreger and Bob McKenzie aren’t calling people out on twitter. There has been speculation on who he is for a long time now, and because this scout took the time to look into this, we now know who HockeyyInsiderr is. Read the article here… http://kyriacou22.blogspot.ca/2012/08/who-is-hockeyyinsiderr.html


His name is Alex Dulude. Sources (I cannot tell you who) have confirmed that this is indeed him. He left too many clues for people to find out who he is, and it was only a matter of time. The time is now. It won’t be long before everyone knows who he is and he will start to lose the star-power that he has now. The biggest clue he left was telling people his initials. He left 3 sets of initials, AD, DD, and PM. He also has a “HockeyyInsiderr” facebook account, so if he is indeed a young adult or teenager, he probably would’ve friended himself on facebook. This scout searched the friends list, and the only man with the initials “AD” was Alex Dulude. He lives in Montreal, which is key, because HI is a huge Habs fan and supposedly lives there.


You can find him on facebook here.. http://www.facebook.com/hockeyy.insiderr#!/alex.dulude.37

He also has a twitter account, he doesn’t use it, but he follows various hockey accounts and is followed by some of the same accounts. The link to that account is here… https://twitter.com/#!/DuludeAlex08/following


You heard it here, HockeyyInsiderr IS Alex Dulude, a 17-year old kid.

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