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Good news Blues fans as this comes a bit late, but in my post game write up you will know why.

David “Frenchie” Perron practiced with the team on thursday.  That is great news for someone who has basically missed a full season of hockey after the cheap shot Joe Thornton threw while Perron was getting out of the penalty box last year.  If memory serves correct he did come back later in the game and score.  That would be the last we would see Perron in the note for quite some time.

While Perron is back on skates ideally there is no rush to bring him back into action quickly.  As much as I or any Blues fan would want, we want him back already.  What he has shown in his short time in the NHL is that he is the sniper the Blues have lacked since Demitra played for the note.

One has to guess once he does come back you see him plugged in the 3rd line to start to catch him back into game shape and get some fluidity.  Once he has caught up he should plug into the top line.

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