Maybe HBO should have done St Louis Blues 24/7 via Mark Buckner getty images

Last night the New York Rangers got a rude awakening for their HBO 24/7 series losing to the St Louis Blues last night 4-1.  Last night the Blues exposed an injured and relatively weak Rangers defense and at least to me made the Rangers look like a bunch of wusses.  The Blues dominated the blue shirts physically and really made it look like that Sean Avery was needed. 

As the Blues got the scoring off by Patrik Berglund rifling as Panger would say a “Wicked Wrister” past Lundqvist.    It would not take long for the Blues to get their second goal as David Perron scored his second goal since returning from injury from a slap shot from Colaiacovo that he tipped while cutting across the slot.   After the Perron goal Torts seemed to fire up the Rangers and the last half of the second period was pretty sloppy for the Blues.  Turnovers and sloppy line changes led to up to mounting pressure by the Rangers and Del Zotto cranking one in.  As the second period ended the Blues had to find an answer to their some what uninspired play.  

At this point in the game is where I stopped watching the TV broadcast and then turned up the radio.  Had to run some errands before my trip to St Louis this weekend.  What I managed to hear was KMOX broadcaster Chris Kerber say that the next goal would be big.  And I had to agree with that, either the Rangers score the tying goal and make it 2-2 or the Blues would regain their 2 goal lead and go up 3-1.  Apparently the Blues answered the call and shortly into the 3rd period Alex Steen backhands a puck that somehow finds the net.  .  The Blues would add an open netter to put the final nail in the coffin on the game.  Arnott would show how to net one as the Blues have been awful at adding freebies this year.

The Blues finish their 5 game home stand 4-1 winning the last four in a row.  They take on Nashville next in Nashville, then are back home against against the Blue Jackets before hitting the road again.


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