News out of Blues practice today was that the MRI the team had done on Kris Russell came back as a strained groin.  The Blues announced he will be out at least 3 weeks.  The hole that he leaves is a fairly significant one, since joining the Blues he scored 3 goals with 2 assists while being a +6.  Fortunately for the Blues, they have had Ian Cole on the press box tour.  Cole steps in to fill that void which I think he does more then well.  Cole in 11 games played brings in 1 goal, 3 assists, and a +7, as well as a certain tenacity.

Its well known I am a huge Cole fan.  The man has paid his dues down in Peoria and has shown he is NHL ready.  He is starting to generate some buzz as trade bait though.  If that comes to fruition that he does get traded I think its a big mistake that will be made, unless it brings in someone only a couple years older and is a finisher.

Among some other news coming out is that Blues forwards Jamie Langenbrunner, TJ Oshie, and Vladimir Sobotka are all expected to return to action on Friday night.  Andy McDonald is also closer to getting back as well, as it was noted that he participated in some drills today at practice.  Now to avoid beating a dead horse here, it has been discussed by me and a few others the log jam this is about to create.  Depth is a very nice thing to have and it is something the Blues have not had in a very long time.  These next few weeks are going to be very interesting to say the least.

Finally to address rumors going around the internet and twitter feeds, the latest rumor making the rounds is the Blues are after Tuomo Ruutu.  Now this is purely rumor as the sources its coming from, are not making their names known, and no one knows who the Blues are offering up.  Honestly if the Blues are going after Ruutu, its a lateral move for the team.  Ruutu does not offer anything that they do not already have on the team.  To play armchair GM here if the Blues were really after Ruutu I think the only players I offer up is Crombeen and 3rd rd pick.  That’s it, nothing more nothing less, and at this point in Ruutu’s career I think Crombeen is the better player.

Till next time be sure to check out the World Juniors section, rumors section and other writers as well.  Elliott is back in goal against Detroit, and Halak in Nashville.

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