This piece has perplexed me on how to write this out.  I mean just taking in all of the games, all of the drama in every series has just beene extremely hard to put into words.  I was in attendance Saturday night as the Blues took on the Sharks for game 2 in their first round series.  The Sharks controlled the first and that was basically it.  Something lit a fire under the Blues’ butts and set them ablaze.  For the 2nd and 3rd periods it was all Blues and it clearly frustrated the Sharks.

The Sharks started getting chippy and sloppy.  Scott Nichol got hit in the head from behind with an elbow and no call was made.  Andy McDonald was also hit from behind from a player that left his feet and targeted the head as well, and no call was made.

What ensued at the end of the game reminded me of some old time hockey.  Clips I used to see as a kid from the 60’s and 70’s.  The Blues won the game 3-0 and won the fights.  The Sharks I think opened a “Door” as Hitchcock said that they did not want to open.

The Blues are bigger, faster, and have more heart then the Sharks.  What happened Saturday night both coaches said is behind them now, but I beg to differ.  The NHL playoffs is where emotions and skill comes to a head.  The Blues players will not forget this game.  It will be a fire that burns throughout the playoffs now.  If the Blues advance past the Sharks I feel sorry for the Kings/Canucks (KINGS because Vancouver is done in my eyes).

Brawl at end of the game

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  1. Pucktacularone

    Great article Evan! I watched most of the game and couldn’t believe the brawl at the end. Look out for lots of the same during the next one.


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