The 3rd and final piece outlining the Blues and grading them is taking on the Goalies.  This season the tandem of Halak and Elliott has been turning players on the opposing bench into Aberman from the Mighty Ducks.  With Elliott currently leading the way as starter back up goalie with his league leading 1.43 GAA and .948 save percentage the Blues have luckily formerd one of the best duo’s in the league.


For the goalie that is the defacto starter lately he has been seeing some of the lesser opponents.  Jaro had a very rough opening to season, currently with a record of 5-7-4, he has rebounded this month and at the end of November.  His GAA has been lowering and is save percentage going up to 2.27 GAA and .906 save percentage.  The save percentage showing how bad he was at the beginning.   Now Hitch will never admit it but as you watch his work load it has diminished, with Elliott’s rising.  He gets a C for now because of the rough start.


If anyone argues this grade they are just a cynical person and just wants a reason to argue.  Be my guest but the numbers are on my side.  As stated in the intro the man has come out of no where to lead the league in GAA, shutouts, and save percentage.  He has taken the number 1 spot in the team rotation of goalies, taking on the better teams and still winning.  He finally has been given a chance to showcase what he can do behind a league leading defense who only average 24 shots/gm allowed.  The rest of the season will show whether he will be resigned or traded.  I bring that up because if he does start to slide a bit I think it would be best to sell high, when you have what was his competition for the back up role tearing it up in the AHL this year with Ben Bishop.  If he does keep this pace up you could conceivably expect the Blues to move out Jaro.  Both Jaro and Elliott are 26, but Jaro seems to lack that chutzpah that starters need in the NHL.

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