The St Louis Blues fired Davis Payne last night, and hired Ken Hitchcock.  It is a bit of mixed feelings for me on this because I thought Payne was a decent coach.  And I am torn because my recent recollection of Hitchcock, is more of the tired and boring Andy Murray dump and chase offense with old and outdated trap hockey.  To put it better Hitchcock is like a new computer to this team of young players.  New in the shop, obsolete as it leaves the store.  We will see very quickly how this team responds to a new coach as the Blues take on the Blackhawks next.  

A bit of trend here is that the last 3 coaches started their tenure facing the Blackhawks.  Hitchcock at least to me was a victim in Columbus to a team with only Rick Nash of notable talent.  So time to turn the page fans and let it ride for a bit.  I can see Blues fans calling for his head in a couple months though if nothing changes and or the kids complain.

Then again I can see GM Doug Armstrong trading any player not wanting to buy in to the system.  Interviews from Hitch and a few others are also posted on in St Louis as well for more info


Lastly I want to apologize for not keeping up this season, not having a laptop right now hinders that ability and my wife is due anyday now with our daughter.  I will try and get more up soon.  Thank you for reading and please run around the site and check out our other writers.

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