The St Louis Blues beat the Pittsburgh Penguins tonight 3-2 tonight in Overtime.  This game was really about how the Blues are the only team that Crosby has never scored on.  As hard as it is to try not to talk about the kid, you almost have to because the impact his game carries.  All that aside Alex Pietrangelo and Ian Cole got the bulk of Crosby and Malkin tonight.  They effectively shut down the two only allowing Malkin to get an assist on James Neal’s goal to tie up the game in the 3rd period.  

The story of the night could have been Brian Elliot playing out of his mind again and tying his season high 2 goals allowed tonight.  But Crosby could not find a way to stay out of the box accumulating 6 minutes of time.  At one point both Malkin and Crosby were both in the box.  That is a major reason the Blues were able to hang in this game.

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Little ole Scott Nichol started the scoring off tonight with a shot hard enough to break a defenseman’s stick and still go in.  Former Predator Steve Sullivan tied it up in the 3rd period.  Insert veteran Jamie Langenbrunner in the right place and the right time, and he nets the 2nd goal of the night for the Blues in the 3rd as well.  That goal that Langs netted swung the momentum in the Blues favor in a way that, watching the game, you thought there was no way the Penguins come back from this.  Unfortunately for Blues fans that was not the case as we all knew either Crosby or Malkin would find a way to get on the score sheet at some point.  Malkin fed and beauty of a pass to James Neal and Neal did not miss.  As I am watching this game the tides seemed to turn in a bad way.  The Blues started making some bad mistakes with turnovers and bad passes that at any point could have cost them the game.  Late in Overtime Alex Pietrangelo caught an absolutely pretty pass from Vladimir Sobotka and deked out Marc Andre Fluery for the game winner.

Since Hitchcock took over this team for former coach Davis Payne, this team had gotten alot better with puck control and not turning it over.  The last couple of games have been bad.  Old habits die hard I guess.  The Power play last night against the Kings went 0-5 and tonight was not any better going 0-5 again.  I think Hitch needs to go back to that in practice and think again on fixing it.  You can not continue to shoot from the point, when teams stack the slot.  Shots do not and will not go through.

My Key points to this win

  • Ian Cole and Alex Pietrangelo shutting down two of the elite players in the NHL
  • Brian Elliot continuing to make Colorado look bad for letting him go
  • Scott Nichols tenacity and howitzer from the high slot
  • Vladimir Sobotka playing his best hockey of his career
  • Solid defense all around by the Blues
  • Sidney Crosby spending 6 minutes in the box

As always thank you for reading, check out the other sections of the site.  Blues take on Calgary on Friday


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