Cole suspended


News out of the NHL’s player safety department says Ian Cole is suspended for 3 games for not a intentional but reckless hit to the head of Red Wings Justin Abdelkader.  What this means is that the Blues are now short a left handed shooting D man and more then likely will call up Syrvet or Fairchild from Peoria.   Watching this play in real time and the replays above it is pretty obvious Shanahan is still a Wings homer.  Abdelkader cleary is skating with his head down and even appears to try and lower himself as Cole comes into sight.

Its pretty obvious that this a Blues blogger hear, and for Datsyuk to get nothing FOR targeting the Jackman’s head with an elbow.  The league is clearly saying that it is ok for the Wings to play dirty but no one else.  The thing is the hit was not even dirty to begin with.  Abdelkader’s helmet flew off because more then likely like many NHLers did not have the chin strap tightened to keep it on, which in it self should be a penalty.

But who am I kidding the Blues have always seemed like the NHL’s red-headed step child.  It’s no surprise the NHL is protecting certain teams.  Shanahan clearly is as inconsistent as Colin Campbell and nothing is getting any better on discipline hearings.  Seriously though the NHL just needs to make a carnival wheel and put the amount of games to be handed out and spin it.  At least then players would know what to expect.

Cole has no prior history, and Shanahan even says it himself that Cole may have overshot the body.  In this case I think the NHL is purposely undermining the refs and saying that 2 minutes was not enough discipline.  According to Shanahan it should have been a 5 minute major for roughing, and game misconduct.  All I have to say is what was on my twitter feed.

Until next time thanks for reading.  And Cole has now incidentally made more time to schedule our interview coming soon.  Be sure to read up on the WJC section, Winter Classic, and other writers on the site follow us @the_hockeyhouse, follow me at @evanhickskc.  Also be sure to give Shanahan a piece of your mind @NHLShanahan.

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