Jason Spezza-Team(S) Interested: Toronto Maple Leafs- Last week, TSN reported that the Jason Spezza could be headed to the Leafs in the next couple of weeks. I don’t know what to think of this rumor. Spezza has been in many trade rumors in the last few years, and this isn’t the first time he has been mentioned in a Leafs rumor. I doubt it will happen, but that doesn’t mean it wont. They both play in the same division, so it’s hard to believe Ottawa will try to make Toronto better.


Goalies-Team(S) Interested: San Jose Sharks- Antero Nittymaki is out for 12 weeks with a lower body  injury, so the team needs someone to back up Antti Niemi. Thomas Greiss, the team’s third goalie, will most likely be used as the backup, but they could always look to a more experienced netminder. Names that come to mind are Marty Turco or Manny Legace, 2 experienced goalies with no jobs right now. They can come at relativity cheap prices, but unless Greiss plays poorly, they shouldn’t be in any hurry to add another keeper.