Once a top prospect, things for Kyle Turris have not worked out as planned.


Turris was selected third overall in the 2007 draft, behind Patrick Kane and James Van Riemsdyk, but unlike them, Turris hasn’t had success in the NHL. After 3 years, he has never gotten more then 25 points in a season. And if you were not paying attention to the Turris saga this summer, here’s a short rundown.

Turris became a RFA on July 1st. Coyotes GM Don Maloney wanted to sign him for around $1-2M. Turris and his agent, Kurt Overhardt, had different plans, asking for around $4M per season.


Since when is $4M for a third line center who has never gotten more then 25 points in a season reasonable? It isn’t in any way. But It was a trade request in disguise. Turris, like many other NHLer’s, doesn’t want to play in the desert.

He has played 131 NHL games and scored 46 points in 3 seasons. In 2009-2010, he played the entire year with the San Antonio Rampage of the AHL, where he had 63 points in 76 games. Last season, the  B.C.-bred forward averaged only 11 minutes of ice time.

So there a few scenarios that could happen in this saga. Another team could present an offer sheet, but then Phoenix, who wants Turris, but for a lot less, would likely match the offer sheet, meaning Turris would need to play for the Coyotes. Elliotte Friedman of CBC says the Calgary Flames are interested in Turris, and could offer Michael Backlund for him. Damien Cox of the Toronto Star said Turris could go to media crazy Toronto for inconsistent center Tyler Bozak. I Doubt Phoenix would do either of the deals, as Turris is only 22 years old and still has potential.

But could this holdout hurt his career? Possibly, yes. Other teams may be scared of his salary demands and may pass on him. Or, Turris could help his career by lowering his demands. He has yet to prove that he deserves anything more then $2M, so if he wants to stay in the NHL, he needs to lower his asking price. Maloney has said before that he has no intention of trading him, but they may need to. If Turris doesn’t sign by Dec. 1, he can’t play this year. So Phoenix could possibly trade him elsewhere, like Calgary or Toronto, for immediate help.


There isn’t much to this story. All he wants is a trade out of Phoenix. If that doesn’t happen, in the words of Maloney, “He can stay at home and watch Oprah.”


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