The Toronto Maple Leafs traded Luke Schenn to the Philadelphia Flyers in exchange for James Van Riemsdyk. From a Habs fan point of view, this is a good move by the Leafs if JVR stays healthy. However, they didn’t really have issues with scoring compared to how many goals they let in. So, even though they drafted a good defenseman prospect, we will see what other decisions they make in regards to d-men and goaltending.

Luke Schenn was drafted by the Maple Leafs in the 1st round (5th overall) of the 2008 draft. In 79 games this past season, Schenn put up 2 goals, 20 assists, 81 shots on goal and 62PIM with a -6 rating. The d-man from Saskatoon, Saskatchewan has appeared in 310 games so far in his career. He has scored 14 goals, tallied 61 assists and has racked up 217PIM with a -23 rating. He has never been in the playoffs due to the Leafs post-season drought.

Van Riemsdyk was drafted by the Flyers in the 1st round (2nd overall) of the 2007 draft. In 43 games this past year, JVR recorded 11 goals, 13 assists, 121 shots on goal and 24PIM with a -1 rating. He played in 7 games for Philly in their most recent playoff run, putting up 2 points (1 goal, 1 assist) and 4PIM with a -2 rating. JVR has suited up for 196 games in his career to date. He has 47 goals, 52 assists and 89PIM with a +13 rating. On top of that, Van Riemsdyk has been in 39 playoff games, tallying 11 goals, 4 assists and 12PIM with a -9 rating.

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  1. Andrew Dintino

    I think the trade not only benefits both teams, but both players. Schenn will do great here with his younger brother and will be valued greatly because of his defensive skill. For JvR, he will be put under the spotlight more and might be a 1st/2nd liner whereas in Philly, he was a 2nd/3rd liner because of the skill we have offensively. Great deal, i love it.


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