MY OPINION: Now onto my personal opinion of the jerseys. I think they are pretty cool, but I think they could’ve done more with it. The way the colors are set up its pretty cool and I like the stripes and the numbering, but they just seem like they are missing something. Maybe they could’ve thrown something on the jersey that indirectly really just says “PHILLY”. Not a bad job though, they look pretty cool and I’m sure they will be able to overprice them and sell a ton of them.
Some Philly fans are very disappointed with the effort, but others are impressed with the jersey. Hype for the game continues to grow no matter what your opinion on this jersey is. All merchandise including jerseys, shirts, etc. are all on sale in the Wells Fargo Center and will be available for purchase at local retail stores throughout Pennsylvania, South Jersey, and Delaware in the days to come.

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