Braydon Coburn recently signed a new deal with the Flyers.

The Flyers are not the talk of the town right now and this part of the schedule where they have breaks between games isn’t helping. As every person who owns a TV or a computer should know, the Penn State Scandal is still the news headlines. Everything that has gone on at that school is absolutely terrible. Its disgusting how the school covered up Sandusky’s doings to protect the rep of their football team? As much as this may hurt for some of you to hear, kids are a LITTLE BIT more important than a football team. As far as Joe Paterno’s whole situation goes, I don’t think he needed to be fired. He didn’t even witness any of this and he still reported it to high authority. This is The Hockey House, not a supreme court, so were gonna talk a little bit about what I was hired to do.

The biggest thing that involves the Flyers over the past few days in Coburn’s contract extension. On November 9th, the Flyers locked up their long time defense for another 4 years at the price of $18 million, or $4.5 per year. That is definitely a good thing for this team because as Pronger and Timonen get older and retire, I could see some sort of a leadership position in Coburn’s hands. Oh, and by the way, did you guys realize who the man that is getting flattened by Coburn is? Yup, thats Kris Versteeg. One of the biggest trade disappointments who the Flyers will see on Sunday.

Another thing that has drawn some attention was the style of play in Wednesday nights game. The Lightning acted, the Flyers responded. They always play using that 1-3-1 neutral zone trap and then the Flyers just sit back. What we did pretty much was said, “Alright, you want the puck? Come get it than.” Some people say its our fault, some say its theirs, but I remember the Lightning playing that way last year a lot too. Its a boring style of play I can tell you that. Some “fans” on twitter even started to call it Occupy Hockey. Takes away what you expect from watching a hockey game: fast-paced, lots of action, moving quick, etc.

In Winter Classic action, it appears that the legit Flyers Winter Classic jersey has been unveiled to the public. You can find the article and a picture of that here. Several fakes have been produced so who knows if this is the real one, but it seems as if it is. I think that whole ticket system for that was a joke. As a SEASON TICKET HOLDER, in order to obtain tickets to the NHL Winter Classic on January 2, 2012, you also had to purchase tickets for the Alumni Game and the Phantoms Game. Most, if not all, were not at all happy with this system, especially because they had to pay taxes and fees for each ticket too. It doesn’t look like a public sale will be held, but no official announcement has been made. Right now it looks like you’ll be paying atleast $450 for a ticket on Stubhub.

The Flyers will take on the Florida Panthers on Sunday at BankAtlantic Center in Sunrise, FL. Coming off a 2-1 OT loss in a long, boring at times game to Tampa Bay. I am assuming that Ilya Bryzgalov will get the call for the Flyers and Jose Theodore will be in net for the Panthers. The Flyers are currently 8-4-3 with 19 points putting them at 6th in the Eastern Conference.

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