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Though many fans were fed up with the almost senseless lockout, it seems that most fans have swallowed their words and showed up in droves to see their favorite players train. The NHL brand might be tarnished slightly, but in Montreal it’s all but forgotten. Fans peer through the glass in Brossard hoping to get a glimpse of Carey Price making a save or Galchenyuk showing off his elite talent. Hockey is back and not a moment too soon.

With Scott Gomez being sent home and P.K Subban not being signed yet, Montreal’s media is having a heyday. So many scenarios and just as many rumors are being tweeted, blogged and written alike. This is a new era for the Canadiens, and with a new GM, coach and several front office members, one can only imagine what results can be attained in this short 48-game season.

The Canadiens have so much talent coming up in the form of prospects, and some solid veterans, will provide for a great show come Saturday night against the Toronto Maple Leafs. If the game is not a sell out, I’d be surprised! I wonder how many tickets Colby Armstrong bought for this game?

The question has been asked several times, how does the league make up for this tough hit on our economy? Well, how about we start with ticket prices? Shortened season should equal lower price? Probably not. Apparel should be slightly cheaper? Doubtful. The cost of a meal should be less than the national minimum wage? Nope. The biggest thing that could be done is with the CBC! Air games other than the Leafs more often! Please and thank you.

We can now rest comfortably knowing that there will not be another lock out for years to come. The league may have lost some talent to the rest of the world, but this only opens up opportunities for the young prospects to fill. As a die hard Bleu, Blanc et Rouge fan I’m glad they are back. It’s time to pick up where we all left off and become armchair GMs once again. One thing is for sure Saturday can’t come soon enough! Go Habs Go

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