Yesterday, I was above .500% with my predictions for the first time in a while. Today, there will only be 3 games in the NHL on this Halloween night.


Sharks(6-3-0)/Rangers(3-3-3): Rangers over Sharks 3-1 – This is an easy pick (for me) because we all know how John Tortorella gets so mad, especially this year by stating that his team “sucks from head to toe” so after there loss against the Senators after blowing a 4-1 lead in the 3rd period, you can bet he had a huge pep talk with his team. With all that being said, the Rangers will not want to face another angry Tortorella in practice, so they will come out playing strong and pull out for the hard fought win.


Jets(3-6-1)/Panthers(6-4-0): Panthers over Jets 2-0 – This will be a pretty boring game for most people, but for the few that will watch, they will be very happy to see the Jets back in Florida. The Panthers will be too strong for the Jets to handle though as they will win their 7th game of the season.


Predators(5-4-1)/Blackhawks(6-2-2): Blackhawks over Predators 4-3 – Both of these teams will play a very strong game against one another but the Blackhawks will be the team that is happy at the end as they will pull out for the victory playing just a little bit better than the Preds.


Overall record: 63-68.


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