Yesterday, I started getting back on track with my predictions although I didn’t get above .500%, I did get 6 of 13 predictions correct. Today, there will only be 4 games in the NHL.


Ducks(5-4-1)/Jackets(1-9-1): Ducks over Jackets 3-1 – I did take a while to think about this one to tell you the truth. The Jackets will play a very strong game (surprising) but they will not be able to hole off the Ducks. Both of these teams played yesterday so they both are tired, but the Ducks will have just enough energy to take the win.


Leafs(7-2-1)/Senators(6-5-0): Senators over Leafs 3-2 – This will be a very exciting game for fans to watch as 2 division rivals will square off with one another. Although both teams played yesterday as well, the Senators will pull off the win but they will need to earn it 100%.


Kings(6-2-2)/Avalanche(6-4-0): Avalanche over Kings 4-2 – The Kings will be in for a tough match up as they will be taking on the Avalanche. The Avalanche had rest yesterday while the Kings played a late game and they will take advantage of that by pulling out for the win and earning their 7th victory of the season.


Blues(5-5-0)/Oilers(6-2-2): Oilers over Blues 3-1 – The Oilers and Blues both had rest yesterday as neither of them played a game so you can bet that this will be a very energetic game. The Oilers will continue their surprising run as they will be able to defeat the Blues improving their record to 7-2-2 as they will stay first in the Western Conference for the time being.


Overall record: 60-67.


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