Yesterday, I only went 1 for 4 with my predictions. Today, there will be a total of 13 games in the NHL.

Senators(5-5-0)/Rangers(3-3-2): Rangers over Senators 2-0 – The Rangers have been 1 of the most disappointing teams in the NHL early this season. They will come out ready to play and will earn their 4th victory of the season by defeating the Senators.

Panthers(5-4-0)/Sabres(6-3-0): Sabres over Panthers 4-3 – The Sabres will have a pretty tough task ahead of them by playing the Panthers. However, they will just be too good for the Panthers to handle which will help them earn the win.

Penguins(8-2-2)/Leafs(6-2-1): Penguins over Leafs 5-2 – The Leafs are expected to be without James Reimer again which mean Jonas Gustavsson should get the start. The Penguins will take advantage of that by scoring multiple goals on Gustavsson and leaving with the victory.

Bruins(3-6-0)/Canadiens(3-5-2): Bruins over Canadiens 3-2 – After losing the first part of the home and home series against the Canadiens, the Bruins will come out strong and will earn their 4th victory of the season by beating the Canadiens.

Sharks(5-3-0)/Islanders(3-4-1): Sharks over Islanders 4-2 – Although the Sharks played last night, they will still have just enough energy to hold off the Isles and leave with the win.

Hurricanes(4-3-3)/Flyers(5-4-1): Flyers over Hurricanes 5-3 – Ilya Bryzgalov is expected to get the start to try and help him gain some confidence. Bryzgalov stated, after their 9-8 loss over the Jets, that he has no confidence in himself at all after giving up 4 goals in his relief appearance. He will gain a bit of confidence back by playing an alright game in net and helping the Flyers pull out the victory.

Jets(3-5-1)/Lightning(4-4-2): Lightning over Jets 3-2 – The Lightning will play a strong game as Dwayne Roloson will be stopping puck after puck to help them earn the win.

Ducks(5-3-1)/Predators(4-4-1): Predators over Ducks 3-1 – The Predators will have the momentum being at home, and they will play strong enough to hold off the Ducks which will help them win their 5th game of the season.

Wings(5-3-0)/Wild(3-3-3): Wings over Wild 2-1 – The Wings have lost 3 straight games after starting the season 5-0-0 and although they played last night, they will play well enough to end that losing streak.

Devils(4-3-1)/Stars(7-3-0): Stars over Devils 3-1 – Kari Lehtonen will play yet another strong game in net as the Stars will take advantage of a Brodeur-less Devils squad and defeat them in an exciting game.

Jackets(1-8-1)/Blackhawks(5-2-2): Blackhawks over Jackets 4-2 – The Blackhawks will be taking on a team that has only 1 win in their first 10 games of the season. They will only make things worse for the Jackets by defeating them.

Kings(6-2-1)/Coyotes(4-3-2): Kings over Coyotes 3-1 – Jonathan Quick will play another strong game in net for the Kings as they will be able to leave Phoenix with their 7th win of the season by putting together another solid effort.

Capitals(7-1-0)/Canucks(4-5-1): Capitals over Canucks 3-1 – After losing their first game of the season against the  very surprising Oilers, the Capitals will regain momentum by defeating the disappointing Canucks.

Overall record: 54-60.

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