Yesterday, I had disappointing results with my predictions getting only 3 of 9 correct. Today, there will only be 3 games in the NHL.


Flyers(5-2-1)/Canadiens(1-5-2): Flyers over Canadiens 3-2 – Yes, yes, I know the Canadiens will end their losing streak at some point, but until GM  Pierre Gauthier makes another move, they will not be winning a whole lot. With that being said, the Flyers will easily leave with the victory.


Avalanche(6-2-0)/Flames(2-4-1): Flames over Avalanche 3-1 – The Flames played very well against the Preds on Saturday when they lost 2-0, and they will continue that strong play against the Avs. What will be different this time is that they will actually score goals. Kipper will be very strong in net helping the Flames win a much needed game early in the season.


Blues(4-4-0)/Canucks(4-4-1): Canucks over Blues 2-1 – The Canucks played terrible last night against the Oilers before Luongo got pulled half-way through the second period. Although they will be a little fatigued, they will play strong enough to win the game.


Overall record: 52-55.


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