Yesterday, I went 2 for 4 with my predictions. Today, there will be 14 games in the NHL.


Predators(2-3-1)/Flames(2-3-1): Flames over Predators 3-0 – Flames GM Jay Feaster has already said that they are in the “urgency” stage as he does not want to repeat what the Flames did last season, start off slow. With that being said, the Flames will come out playing strong will Kipper being solid in net after getting the day off on Thursday against the Rangers. The Preds will not be able to control the Flames pressure as the Flames will pull out for the win.


Wild(3-2-2)/Canucks(3-3-1): Canucks over Wild 3-1 – Roberto Luongo and the Canucks will play another strong game against their division rivals. Luongo’s solid play will be enough to help the Canucks defeat the Wild.


Sharks(2-3-0)/Bruins(3-4-0): Bruins over Sharks 4-2 – The Bruins will take advantage of the Sharks who played last night. The Sharks won’t be to worn down, but they won’t have enough energy to defeat the Bruins. The Bruins will pull even with their record improving to 4-4-0 as they will defeat the Sharks.


Leafs(4-1-1)/Canadiens(1-4-1): Leafs over Canadiens 3-0 – Until the Canadiens pull themselves together, every team in the NHL will bull doze right over them. James Reimer will have another strong start in net against the Canadiens in their second match-up of the season. Carey Price will have to wait another day to earn his 100th career victory, he will be solid in net, but the players in front of him will not play a strong game as the Leafs will leave with the victory.


Jackets(0-6-1)/Senators(2-5-0): Jackets over Senators 5-3 – Yes, the Jackets will finally earn their first victory of the season, that’s all I need to say.


Blues(3-4-0)/Flyers(4-1-1): Flyers over Blues 3-0 – The Flyers will have the momentum being at home, plus they will be playing against a tired Blues squad who played last night. Ilya Bryzgalov will have a solid game in net as he will help the Flyers easily beat the Blues.


Devils(3-1-1)/Penguins(5-2-2): Penguins over Devils 4-2 – Again, the Penguins will have the momentum being at home, plus the fact that the Devils played a hard-fought game last night against the Sharks in which they lost. The Devils will come out strong, but they won’t have enough energy to finish the game and leave with the victory as the Penguins will defeat them in a good game.


Wings(5-0-0)/Capitals(6-0-0): Capitals over Wings 4-3 – After today, there will be only one undefeated team remaining in the NHL and that team will be the Washington Capitals. The Wings played last night, so being a veteran team will not help them against the Capitals. Tomas Vokoun should get the nod in net, but we will wait to see on that. The Capitals will be to hard for the Wings to keep up with all night as they will defeat them to remain undefeated.


Hurricanes(3-2-2)/Jets(1-4-1): Hurricanes over Jets 2-0 – Although the Hurricanes played last night, they will not be happy after losing in overtime. With that being said, they will come out and play a full 60+ minute game. Cam Ward is expected to get the night off, but even if that happens, Brian Boucher will play good enough to help the Canes leave with the win.


Sabres(5-1-0)/Lightning(2-3-2): Sabres over Lightning 4-2 – You’d think that the Lightning would have the momentum after winning last game plus the fact that they’re at home, but you’d be wrong. Ryan Miller and the Sabres will be all over the Lightning as they will prove once again that they are a “legit” Stanley Cup contender.


Islanders(3-2-0)/Panthers(3-3-0): Islanders over Panthers 4-3 – The Islanders and Panthers will play a very good game, as they will both make each other work very hard but the Islanders will be the team to leave with the victory.


Avalanche(5-2-0)/Blackhawks(4-1-1): Blackhawks over Avalanche 3-2 – The Blackhawks will have a tough task ahead of them, but a strong game from Corey Crawford will help them pull out for the victory.


Rangers(2-1-2)/Oilers(2-2-2): Oilers over Rangers 3-1 – The Oilers have blown late third period leads 2 games in a row and after a bad game by Ryan Nugent-Hopkins on Thursday night, he knows he will have something to prove in order to stay on the team. Devan Dubnyk is expected to get the nod in net, even if he doesn’t, the Oilers will play too strong for the Rangers to handle as they will pull out for the victory.


Stars(5-1-0)/Kings(4-1-1): Kings over Stars 3-1 – Jonathan Quick might not get a Kings franchise record, 3 consecutive shut-outs, but he will play very strong in net helping the Kings win improving their record to 5-1-1.


Overall record: 41-39.


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