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Yesterday, I went 1 for 1 as the Leafs defeated the Jets in the NHL’s lone game. Today, there will be 11 games in the NHL.


Leafs(4-0-1)/Bruins(2-4-0): Bruins over Leafs 4-3 – The Leafs played a 65 minute game yesterday against the Jets before defeating them in a shootout. The Bruins will take advantage of the opportunity and defeat the tired Leafs squad.


Capitals(5-0-0)/Flyers(4-0-1): Flyers over Capitals 2-1 – This is going to be a very good, close game. The Flyers have showed their fans that they made good moves in the off-season trading Mike Richards and Jeff Carter and they will prove that once again by defeating the Capitals.


Canadiens(1-3-1)/Penguins(4-2-2): Canadiens over Penguins 2-0 – The Canadiens will be ready to play against the Penguins as they will be without Kris Letang who is serving his 2nd/last game of his suspension. Carey Price will be strong in net and help the Canadiens defeat the Penguins.


Jets(1-3-1)/Senators(1-5-0): Senators over Jets 4-3 – The Senators will also take advantage of a tired Jets squad who played a 65 minute game yesterday against the Leafs before falling short in a shootout. The Senators will play a rare, strong game which will help them defeat the Jets.


Islanders(3-1-0)/Lightning(1-3-2): Islanders over Lightning 5-3 – Although the Lightning are desperate to find their second win of the season, they will not be able to handle John Tavares and the Islanders who will over play them.


Sabres(4-1-0)/Panthers(3-2-0): Sabres over Panthers 3-1 – The Sabres will once again prove that they are a threat to win the Stanley Cup by defeating the Panthers in a hard, fought game.


Blackhawks(3-1-1)/Avalanche(5-1-0): Blackhawks over Avalanche 2-0 – The Blackhawks will have a tough challenge ahead of them playing the Avs, but Corey Crawford will be a wall in net stopping puck after puck helping the Hawks defeat the Avalanche.


Rangers(1-2-2)/Flames(2-3-0): Flames over Rangers 3-1 – The Flames fans will be booing every time Brad Richards touches the puck for not choosing to sign with the Flames and the Flames will make their fans happy by defeating Richards and the Rangers in a well fought game.


Wild(2-2-2)/Oilers(2-2-1): Oilers over Wild 3-2 – The Oilers should have Taylor Hall back in the line-up when they take on the Wild. If he indeed does return to the line-up, the “kid line” of Hall, Hopkins, and Eberle will do exactly what they did to the Canucks, blow past their defense which will help them defeat the Wild in a close game.


Predators(2-2-1)/Canucks(2-3-1): Canucks over Predators 3-0 – Roberto Luongo knows he needs to play better and will please the fans by putting on a show against the Preds to help the Canucks pull out for the victory.


Kings(3-1-1)/Coyotes(2-2-1): Kings over Coyotes 4-2 – The Kings will come out strong to start the game and that strong start will help them defeat the Coyotes.


Overall record: 33-32.


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