Yesterday, I did okay with my predictions going 2 for 5. Today, there will be 10 games in the NHL.


Hurricanes(2-1-1)/Bruins(2-3-0): Hurricanes over Bruins 2-0 Although the Bruins will be at home and the fact that they haven’t been playing well, they will not be able to control the Hurricanes. Cam Ward will play a very strong game in net for the Hurricanes playing well enough to defeat the Bruins.


Panthers(3-1-0)/Capitals(4-0-0): Capitals over Panthers 4-1 – The Capitals will be too strong for the Panthers to handle, they will play well, but not well enough to beat the undefeated Capitals.


Stars(4-1-0)/Jackets(0-4-1): Jackets over Stars 2-1 – Jackets captain, Rick Nash, has already declared this game a “must win”, the Jackets will play very strong pulling out their first win of the season.


Sabres(3-1-0)/Canadiens(1-2-1): Sabres over Canadiens 4-2 – The Canadiens might be at home ready to play and earn their second victory of the season, but the Sabres will be too hard for the Canadiens to control.


Flyers(3-0-1)/Senators(1-4-0): Flyers over Senators 3-1 – The Flyers will play another strong game improving their record to 4-0-1 as they will easily defeat the Senators.


Penguins(3-1-2)/Wild(2-1-2): Penguins over Wild 3-1 The Penguins have lost 3 of their last 4 games, so they will be ready to play. They will be without Evgeni Malkin once again, but they will be able to hang on for the win.


Oilers(2-1-1)/Flames(1-3-0): Flames over Oilers 3-0 – The Oilers have played very well in their first 4 games of the season, but after playing a tough game last night against the Predators in which they scored 3 goals in the final period to pull out for the 3-1 victory, they will be too tired to play against a team who knows they need to get their game together.


Rangers(0-1-2)/Canucks(2-2-1): Rangers over Canucks 1-0 – This will be a very close game, but the Rangers will be able to prevail for the win as Henrik Lundqvist will play a very strong game in net.


Blackhawks(2-1-1)/Coyotes(2-1-1): Blackhawks over Coyotes 4-1 – The Blackhawks will play a full 60 minute game defeating the Coyotes by a multiple goal lead.


Blues(2-3-0)/Kings(2-1-1): Kings over Blues 3-2 – It will be a close game to the end, but the Kings are younger and faster which will help them pull out for the win.


Overall record: 23-31


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