First off, I am back in Okotoks after flying back to Calgary earlier today, so luckily (for me), I will be typing all my posts on my computer once again. Yesterday, there was only 1 game in the NHL (Blues/Ducks) in which I got my prediction right. Today, there will be 5 games in the NHL.


Avalanche(4-1-0)/Leafs(3-0-0): Avalanche over Leafs 3-1 – The Avalanche have gotten off to a very surprising start to start the season, and they will continue their hot run by defeating the 3-0-0 Leafs.


Panthers(2-1-0)/Lightning(1-2-2): Lightning over Panthers 4-1 – The Lightning have started the season very bad, starting 1-2-2, and after losing to the Panthers in their last game, they will be ready to play improving their record to 2-2-2.


Penguins(3-1-2)/Jets(0-3-0): Penguins over Jets 2-0 – Although they will be without Evgeni Malkin the next 2 games, the Penguins will still be able to defeat the Jets who have been terrible to start the season.


Predators(2-1-1)/Oilers(1-1-1): Oilers over Predators 4-2 – The Predators might have more skill, but the “kid” line of Hall, RNH, and Eberle who dominated the Canucks last game producing all 3 of Edmonton’s goals (RNH with the hat-trick) in their 4-3 loss will build up more chemistry and help the Oilers defeat the Preds.


Ducks(3-1-0)/Sharks(1-2-0): Sharks over Ducks 3-1 – The Sharks will be ready to play after losing their last 2 games to the Blues and the Ducks. They won’t lose 2 straight to the Ducks as they will play a very strong game in which the Ducks cannot handle. Being at home also means that the Sharks will have the momentum on their side for the game.


Overall Record: 21-28.


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