Yesterday, I went 0 for 2 with my predictions, but who could blame me for picking the teams I did. They just didn’t play good enough. Today, there will be 14 games in the NHL.

Flames(1-2-0)/Leafs(2-0-0): Flames over Leafs 4-2 – The Leafs have gotten off to a good start, no doubt, but the Flames will cool them down as they will have a second consecutive, 60 minute complete game.

Avalanche(3-1-0)/Canadiens(1-2-0): Canadiens over Avalanche 2-0 – The Canadiens have not gotten off to the start that they hoped, but they will get their game on track as they will defeat the Avalanche.

Rangers(0-0-2)/Islanders(2-1-0): Rangers over Islanders 3-1 – The Rangers are a better team than we’ve seen in their first 2 games of the season, but they will get their game on track against the surprising, 2-1-0 Islanders.

Kings(1-1-1)/Flyers(3-0-0): Kings over Flyers 2-1 – The Flyers have gotten off to a surprising 3-0-0 start, and the Kings have gotten off to a disappointing, 1-1-1 start in their first 3 games, but they will turn that around as they will defeat the Flyers in a close match-up.

Sabres(2-1-0)/Penguins(3-0-2): Penguins over Sabres 4-1 – Sabres back-up goaltender, Jhonas Enroth is expected to start against the Penguins after Ryan Miller started yesterday against the Hurricanes. Enroth won’t be able to stop Malkin and the Pens from winning.

Senators(1-3-0)/Capitals(3-0-0) – Capitals over Senators 5-2 – The Capitals will have another great game improving them to 4-0-0 to start the season with an easy victory over the Sens.

Jets(0-2-0)/Coyotes(1-1-1): Coyotes over Jets 5-3 – Yes, I am going to the Coyotes opener as tomorrow will be the last day of my vacation. The Coyotes will please the fans in their home opener as they will play a very strong game against the Jets.

Lightning(1-2-1)/Panthers(1-1-0): Lightning over Panthers 4-1 – The Lightning have definitely not gotten off to the best start, but they will turn that around beating the Panthers.

Devils(2-1-0)/Predators(2-1-0): Predators over Devils 5-2 – The Predators will play a very strong game against the Devils in which they will be able to pull out for the victory.

Wings(3-0-0)/Wild(2-1-1): Wings over Wild 3-1 – The Wings will improve to 4-0-0 on the season as they will pull out for the win against the Wild.

Jackets(0-3-1)/Stars(3-1-0): Jackets over Stars 5-3 – The Jackets have disappointed themselves along with their fans with their 0-3-1 start, but they will prove that they are a playoff team as they will beat the Stars.

Bruins(1-3-0)/Blackhawks(2-1-0): Bruins over Blackhawks 3-1 – The defending Stanley Cup champions have started the season with a very disappointing, 1-3-0 start, but they will improve that record to 2-3-0 with a strong victory over the Blackhawks.

Canucks(1-2-1)/Oilers(1-0-1): Canucks over Oilers 4-1 – Lets face it, the Canucks have been very disappointing to start the season starting 1-2-1, but they will play a good game against the Oilers, defeating them.

Blues(1-2-0)/Sharks(1-1-0): Sharks over Blues 4-1 – The Sharks didn’t play very well against the Ducks last night, so they will come out hard against the Blues beating them.

Overall record: 14-20.

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