First off, I would like to say sorry for not tweeting or posting the last three days. I was in Las Vegas having fun, so I couldn’t find any time to post my predictions or any other kinds of blogs. I will be continuing my predictions with my previous record of 11-11. Today, there will be 10 games in the NHL.

Kings(1-1-0)/Devils(1-1-0): Kings over Devils 3-1 – The Kings team chemistry will be able to overpower the Devils. The Devils will play strong, but the Kings will be too much for them to handle.

Lightning(1-1-1)/Islanders(1-1-0): Lightning over Islanders 4-2 – The Lightning have not jumped off to a great start in the first 3 games but Dwayne Roloson will finally find his groove and power the Lightning over the Islanders.

Capitals(2-0-0)/Penguins(3-0-1): Capitals over Penguins 3-2 – It won’t be Crosby vs Ovechkin, but it will be Penguins vs Capitals. Alex Ovechkin will help the Capitals start their season 3-0 by defeating the Penguins.

Flames(0-2-0)/Canadiens(1-1-0): Flames over Canadiens 4-2 – After losing their first 2 games of the season, the Flames will finally play a full 60 minute game which will help them overcome the Canadiens.

Avalanche(2-1-0)/Senators(1-2-0): Senators over Avalanche 5-4 – The Senators will have to earn the high-scoring game win, but they will be able to prevail the Avalanche.

Canucks(1-1-1)/Wings(2-0-0): Canucks over Wings 3-2 – The Canucks have not gotten off to the start they hoped, but they will get their game together and beat the Red Wings in a good, energetic game.

Coyotes(0-1-1)/Predators(2-0-0): Predators over Coyotes 5-3 – The Predators will continue their strain start to the season and bull-doze themselves past the Coyotes.

Oilers(1-0-0)/Wild(1-1-1): Oilers over Wild 4-3 – The Oilers will get off to a well deserved 2-0 start as they will be able to overcome the Wild.

Jets(0-1-0)/Blackhawks(1-1-0): Blackhawks over Jets 4-1 – The Blackhawks will easily be able to power themselves past the Jets who will have a fun season, but not a winning season.

Blues(1-1-0)/Stars(2-1-0): Blues over Stars 4-2 – The Stars have gotten off to a surprising 2-1 start, but they won’t be able to continue that against the Blues who will easily beat them.

Overall record: 11-11

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