Dear Readers,

I wish you love and I wish you hope–and always, peace. It’s hard to believe 2011 is already almost over. In the world of hockey, it was a time of triumph, a time of tragedy, a time for new beginnings and so much more! From everyone at The Hockey House, have a great and safe holiday season!


-The Hockey House team

About The Author was founded in May of 2011 by 2 aspiring hockey writers. Steven Ellis (Owner and CWO), Jackson Scarrow (President and CEO) were classmates in a 4th period business class, this is where the idea formed. Both of the two founders knew how hard it was for young hockey writers to gain recognition. This is why’s goal is to give both young and experienced hockey writers a chance to get or gain more recognition and experience. The two founders brought aboard Samuel Lehner (Head of Technology & Marketing), Cameron Brushett (CFO) and Keith Husted (COO and Legal) to get up and running.

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