After a disappointing loss to the rival New York Rangers, the New Jersey Devils will take on the Carolina Hurricanes tonight in a game this writer is deeming as a MUST WIN. With their loss last night, the Devils now have a 37.9% chance to make the playoffs and would need to go 12-4-2 over their last 18 games to guarantee themselves a spot in the playoffs.

Beating the 7th seeded Hurricanes that seemingly have had the Devils number for the last millennia would give the Devils a huge boost of confidence and a solid 11.6% rise in chances to make the playoffs.

Can the Devils beat the Hurricanes for the first time this season after their embarrassing attempt to do the very same thing back on March 9th?

Can they make up for an awful birthday present to me, a 6-2 loss at the hands of a team that once almost made me lose hope in the Devils forever after scoring 2 goals in a span of a minute and 20 seconds in a Game 7?!!?

If they want to make the playoffs this season, they better hope that the bus ride back to New Jersey is a joyous one and not a ride filled with awkward, looming-season ending silence.


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Devil’s Keys to Success:

-Neutralize the Hurricanes speed…for the millionth time, neutralize their speed! Put them to the ice. I want to see 30 hits on that stat sheet at the end of the game. As the wisest man I’ve ever known once said:

You Angry Now

For those of you who don’t know, by the way wow, that was Patches O’houlihan. From Dodgeball. Wow.

-Score the first goal of the game. Last time I asked, it happened. Let’s give it another try.


-Ladies and Gentlemen: he’s back. Martin Brodeur, the man, the myth, the legend is back. The waiting is over. We no longer have to wonder if Johan “Moose” Hedberg is starting in net. No more; it’s Brodeur.


-Oh, that Andrei Loktionov kid’s coming back tonight too. He’s pretty good. Definitely didn’t need him against the Rangers this week…shaking my head furiously.


-If they lose tonight, I will have no other choice than to introduce a new segment to the blogs.

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