Alright, so you’ve probably seen the “hit” on Ryan Miller that was issued by Jordin Tootoo. If you’re a Sabers fan you’re probably going to hate Tootoo for life and I’m here to tell you that he does not care and neither do his fans. In fact his fans are probably pumped for the next matchup between the Preds and Sabers because they want to see Tootoo beat the crap out somebody. Tootoo got a two game suspension for this hit and this article is dedicated to analyzing the hit and the insuing suspension.

If you’ve watched the the hit and seen Tootoo in action before this probably looks somewhat familiar. Tootoo isn’t known for stopping, that’s why they call him the Tootoo Train (well sorta). In the video you’ll see Tootoo driving to the net. Fast. The angle he’s coming in on makes it near impossible for him to avoid Miller and the speed is going at makes it near impossible for him to stop. So, in normal Tootoo fashion, he attempts to jump over him. No he did not leave his feet to hit him, it’s stupid to even think that. Tootoo is 5,9″ it’s very unlikely that he would clear miller entirely and if he had bent down he would’ve sent Miller head over heels possibly landing having him land on his neck. If he had stood up straighter there wouldn’t have been any better result. You need to understand that Tootoo hitting Miller was unavoidable.

In all honesty, I can’t find anything wrong with the play, at least in terms of what Tootoo did. It was just a matter of how Tootoo plays and some factors that made for an unfortunate hit. As for what Miller did, I’m a little peeved that he wasn’t penalized in any way. You can’t attack someone the way he did. I don’t care what the circumstances are the way he jumped on him and started throwing punches while he was on the ground is unacceptable. If you want to watch that crap go and turn on a UFC fight or something. Also, the way the other Sabers players jumped on him was pretty dangerous. What if Tootoo had been injured in the collision or fall? Within maybe two seconds of the “hit” he has approximately 560 pounds on top of him and the announcer thought that was the right reaction by the Sabers? I don’t think so. I understand how you could do these things when it’s the heat of the moment but after a while you should be able to realize, wait a second is this guy even ok?

I may be being a bit biased because Tootoo is my favourite player but you can’t say that anything I mentioned above isn’t true. My argument is that Tootoo couldn’t really avoid Miller and although he left his feet would it have made much difference if he hadn’t? Shanahan’s argument was that he suspended Tootoo for two games because Tootoo didn’t make any effort to minimize the collision but honestly there wasn’t much he could do. Knowing Tootoo, leaving his feet was his attempt, I’ve seen him do it before.

To sum it all up; I don’t agree with the suspension, the charging penalty and game misconduct were enough. Also I believe Miller needs to be disciplined, he not only attacked Tootoo but he also swung his stick at Lucic after his hit, a swing that, if it had made contact, could’ve broken his leg. Someone should pull an “Avery” on him and see what happens. My money would be on him getting himself in some real trouble. This is just my opinion, you, however, may think what you want and if you have a valid argument it’s an opinion worth sharing.

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