The Nashville Predators reassigned Mattias Ekholm (Defense) to Milwaukee, and he has refused to report to the Ads and returned to Sweden.


Ekholm has been a bit of an enigma.  He is consistently at the top of the defense rankings while playing in Sweden on the bigger ice surfaces, but hasn’t shown much  in the North American game.  The Predators allegedly kept him on the roster out of camp because of the potential he would refuse going to Milwaukee, thus pretty much ruling him out for the season.  HIs performance in Nashville has been just short of embarrassing, getting called out by Barry Trotz after the Vancouver debacle blessing.


Call me crazy, but I think this is an extremely ridiculous decision by this kid if he wants to play in the NHL.


Ryan Ellis, you’ve moved up on the depth chart.  Make it happen, my friend.


Until next time, GO PREDS!!!

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