You’re probably starting to wonder whether the trade the Leafs and Preds made a few month or so ago was actually a good idea, I know I am. Honestly it’s starting to look like it may have been a bit more one-sided than before. One-sided as in favouring the Leafs. The trade included the Predators sending Cody Franson and Matthew Lombardi to Toronto for Brett Lebda and Robert Slaney. The trade aslo included a conditional fourth round pick, if Lombardi played 60 games or more Nashville got the pick if he played any less Toronto got the pick.

Just in case you’re wondering, the idea behind the trade was to free up some cap space for the Predators and to remove the stress of having to deal with whether Lombardi would be ready come the start of next season or not. However now with Lombardi ready for the start of the season and Franson looking just as good as he was beforehe trade isn’t looking too smart. There is still of course the risk of Lombardi not being able to compete at the level he did before, like Dumont after his concussion, he was never the same. Also based on the point production of Franson and the skill he was demonstrating in Nashville he was likely gonna ask for some big bucks in the near  future so getting rid of him may not have been a total loss. In the long run not having Franson around may save the Preds a lot of cash.

Despite this I can’t help but notice the downside that has reared it’s ugly head. The Predators have been looking for a very long time for some more offensive power, Lombardi and Franson could have easily fit the bill. Lombardi was a consistent 50+ point player, at least before his concussion and Franson was looking like he might even become a 40+ point defenceman. Unfortunatly you can’t deny that the trade we once looked upon as for the better is now not looking so good, especially considering Lebda cleared waivers after being placed on not long after the trade and I haven’t even heard anything about Slaney. As sad as it makes me feel I have to admit I truely regret that the Preds made this trade with the Leafs. Let’s hope that the Poile can work some magic with the fourth round pick that we are now almost certain to get and that the players we were able to sign with the money we saved preform the roles we need them to.

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