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So, WELCOME TO THE HOCKEY HOUSE! I’m Cameron “Buzz” Brushett, co-host of the Syko’s Hockey Buzz podcast and , as you can plainly see, a writer for the best team in the league, the Nashville Predators. My first post for The Hockey House will be a little season preview for your Preds including where I think they’ll finish and how they’ll do in general.

Lets start with what Nashville is known for; their goals allowed. I say goals allowed because both Nashville’s defence and goaltending are extremely good and what they’re really known for. Not much has actually changed, which is for the best, the only differences are that we no longer have Shane O’Brien or Cody Franson on the blueline. In a sense this is good because it allows both Jon Blum and (I hope) Ryan Ellis to join the roster full-time, improve their skills and get me lots of points for my hockey pool (hehe). As for goaltending, nothing has changed, Rinne and Lindback are stilll there and looking as good, if not, better than ever.

Now we have Nashville’s “Achille’s Heel” their offense, which is starting to look less and less like an”Achille’s Heel”, thank god. Fisher will get to play a full season with the Preds, Erat, Hornvquist and Legwand are all looking solid and our rookies and young guns are all preforming well. Even Tootoo is stepping up his game and is trying to become a more well-rounded player. We have a couple of stars, supposedly emerging, in Craig Smith and Ryan Ellis both of which have preformed very, very well in the preseason. There is even some talk about Radulov possibly coming back because he left his KHL team not too long ago. The Nashville offense hasn’t looked this good in quite a while.

Lastly I’ll tell you where I think the Predators will finish after the regular season is over and done. I’m thinking third. Why you ask, well it’s an improvement from last year which makes sense because the team it’s self has improved a good deal. So now your wondering, well then why not first, because despite their division being a bit more challenging this year I think the San Jose Sharks are still gonna finish in first and not second because I still believe, and it pains me to say this, that the Detroit Red Wings are still a better team than the Predators. There is a slight chance that Nashville could beat out Detroit and take second place in the regular season considering that Detroit only beat them by three wins last year but we’ll have to wait and see for that. In my eyes the Nashville Predators are definetly a cup contender this year, are they the dark horse, probably not so much after last years run but a cup contender for sure.

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