This is something I would love to try and do as I can find good quotes throughout the season…….


The Nashville Predators are blessed with a gifted beat-writer in The Tennessean’s Josh Cooper.  He is a great follow on Twitter @JoshuaCooper.  He gets great quotes from the guys as he is traveling with them throughout the season.  Here is a good roundup post-Edmonton DEBACLE.


(For those of you who are unaware, the Preds lost to Edmonton 3-1 on Monday night, literally losing in every single aspect of the game… Preds only took 12 shots!  It’s quite alarming we’ve seen this performance three games in a row….)


Immediately post-game, we get this from the typically reserved Jerred Smithson:



“Just embarrassing. We just got out-worked. It was right from the drop of the puck. If it wasn’t for Peks it could have been 5-1. It seems like I’ve been saying that every time now, but it’s the honest truth, we rely on this guy way too much. We don’t work, we don’t skate, we don’t forecheck, we have a hardworking team that doesn’t work hard and I don’t know, it’s beyond frustrating right now. I’ve never been a part of something like this. It’s gotta change right now, or we’re going to be on the outside looking in – December we’ll be out of this, we have to change it right now.”



On the optimism following Nashville’s last game against New Jersey


“I don’t know, maybe we thought we were better than we were, because we got a point? We still pissed away a point last game as well. We had nothing to be happy about. Our effort was a little bit better, but it was still not where it has to be. And then we come in here and we get the one-goal lead – we were playing terrible – and we get the lead and we just give it up like nothing. It’s not one guy, it’s not two guys, it’s the whole group. Pekka is the exception. He’s the only guy playing his balls off right now and if it wasn’t for him, we don’t have any points. I don’t know what to say about tonight, it was terrible.'”


Pretty tough words from a leader on this team.  The Preds finished up the Edmonton disaster with a good skate the next day.  Here’s what Shea Weber and Jordin Tootoo had to say about it:

“It was good. I thought we had a lot of energy today and hopefully we will continue to build into Thursday, which is going to be a big game and a huge test for us,” defenseman Shea Weber said. “I definitely don’t think we’re feeling good about ourselves. There’s a lot of work left, we’ve got to get better. Guys have to be focused and determined to put in a better effort Thursday (against Vancouver).”



“It’s a short season, and I think everyone has to realize that,” forward Jordin Tootoo said. “Time flies and the next thing you know, you’re 82 games in. You can’t take one game for granted. We need points every night. We have to play playoff hockey every night and get points.”



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