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My name is Jonathan, and I have signed on here as a Nashville Predators’ blogger.  I have grown up both watching and playing the game, all from Music City, USA.  Check my bio for how I got started in the game…

For my first post, I am going to talk about something of a hot-button-topic here in Smashville, #33 himself, Colin Wilson.  The same Colin Wilson who the Predators traded up to draft in 2008, passing up the likes of Jordan Eberle.

Colin was a surprising pick from a Nashville team who was heavily focused on drafting defense and goaltending.  So, seeing the Preds select a collegiate center man was quite the breath of fresh air.  And, naturally, he had pressure on him. Immediate pressure that he hasn’t quite lived up to.  But, when Phil Kessel was traded from the Boston Bruins to the Toronto MapleLeafs instead of the Preds, the Bruins’ desired trade-piece that took Nashville out of the race was Colin Wilson.  Preds GM David Poile wanted nothing to do in trading his prized possession #7 pick.  DP has a tendency to retain pride in his draft picks, and, well, rightfully so (i.e. Weber, Suter).

So, Colin Wilson has been here in Nashville and is entering his third calendar season with the team.  He has shown flashes of brilliance, incredible strength, and a ridiculous backhand.  He has also showed a lack of hustle, a poor (at times) attitude, and has seen his fair share of the Barry Trotz-famous Doghouse.

But this preseason has been a different story.  He came into camp noticeably less thick, yet still the physical specimen we have known, he’s been more focused, he’s been quicker and he’s been quite the player on the ice. He led the Predators in preseason scoring with 7 points (3/4), and was a factor every time he was on the ice.  He is moving around the ice at a frantic pace, playing better along the boards, and getting to the net.  He is doing, three years later, what Nashville had hoped for.  And Nashville hopes expects him to be better.

And he must be.  An RFA at this season’s end, his nearly $1.8 million (capgeek.com) is on the line.  He has all the power to prove himself here on this team, and in this league.  What will he be?  Will he be a deadline deal to land more youth?  Will he become a mainstay in Nashville.  We all know what Mr Poile would prefer.

The Predator Pressure is on Colin Wilson.  His time is now or never in Predator Gold.  The opportunity is going to be there.  He took the opportunity in the preseason, and let’s see what he does with it this year.  This will be his make or break year in his career.


About The Author

Hello, folks. My name is Jonathan and I am a Nashville native who grew up on ice hockey. You may wonder how... Well, my dad spent time as a formidable child in Detroit, watching the likes of Gordie Howe and Ted Lindsay, getting the chance to meet them all. He was immediately hooked, and passed that down to me. So, needless to say, I grew up a Red Wings fan (legitimately!), but when the Preds arrived in Nashville, I was in line Day One for tickets, and the team has slowly become my team. The moment I realized the Preds were my team was when I was at a Preds/Wings game in Nashville, and, in my Sergei Fedorov jersey, I screamed, "Go Preds!" Embarrassed, I didn't say much else the rest of the game, and that's when I realized my allegiances had changed. So, I'll say it again, here, "Go Preds!!" I'm very excited to be a part of this blog, and I hope to be able to add a lot to the Preds section. Please feel free to contact me with ideas, questions, thoughts, corrections, anything at all! Thanks for reading.

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