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Ok, first off, sorry it’s been so long since my last post but I’ve had trouble getting feeds for Nashville games and even when I did (this one) it wasn’t very good. That aside however you may have noticed some rather poor play by Nashville over the past few games. Very few shots, sloppy defence and overall just weak hockey. This game against the Tampa Bay Lightning, however, from what I saw, was a totally different story.

Nashville dominated the game all throughout the third period (what i saw), hardly ever giving up the puck and when they did it wasn’t for very long.  Even though Nashville was outshot, which as we all know they usually are, they were still able to score five goals and keep Tampa Bay to only three. How? I’ll tell you how. Back-checking, fore-checking and lots of hard work. The pressure put on the puck and it’s carrier by the Preds was tremendous, they hardly ever let up. The only reason they scored three was because two were scored by Stamkos, one of the best snipers in the league. I’ve also got to say it’s good to have Fisher back he had two goals and one assist in this game, not too shabby. With more outstanding play by Rinne, Smith and some help from Hornvquist and Kostitsyn Nashville was able to play a very decent offensive game.

One other thing that really impressed me was the Predators powerplay. They may not have scored on the one I got to see but, man, it was fun to watch. Nashville had maybe somewhere between four to six VERY good chances, a lot of which came from Craig Smith. The puck hardly ever left Tampa Bay’s zone, the pressure was relentless and the shots were only good ones.

All in all, this was an exciting game to watch even if the feed from which I was watching it was terrible (although it did get better) and I only got to see the third period. It was a nice little comeback game for the Preds after losing the other three previous games so badly. One last thing, I’d like to apologize for such a short post, like I said I only got to see the first period so I didn’t want to say too much based on what little I saw. Hopefully though I’ll be able to do more of these game reviews, hopefully more in-depth ones, later in the future.

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