The day we’ve all been waiting for is finally here! No more do we have to settle for Baseball highlights on the morning edition of Sportscentre. Now we can watch each of the 30 teams play 82 games of the sport we know and love. But for tonight, I will focus on the first game of the season, featuring two of the most storied franchises in the NHL, Habs & Leafs.

To kick off the season, we saw the crowd Boo louder for the Habs, when compared to how load they cheered for their own team. It would be a major understatement to say these two teams don’t like each other; Or rather these two fanbases don’t like each other.

As Dan Cherry said, “That was the worst period” directed of course to the Toronto Maple Leafs. In a first period completely dominated by the Canadiens, there was no scoring. Montreal out shot Toronto 13-4. Not much else to report other than a few chances for Montreal and Toronto mistaking the puck for a cupcake. Toronto iced the puck 6 times in the first.

As the second started, it took almost no time for the Leafs to get on the board. Matthew Lombardi wasted no time is scoring his first goal as a Leaf and first post-concussion. I can’t help but applaud Lombardi’s¬†perseverance, even if he’s a Leaf, or that he had aproximatley 3 hours to put that puck over Price.

The Leafs showed no sign of returning to first period form as their 2nd period pressure spilled over into the 3rd. A neutral zone collision would allow Phaneuf to pinch and snipe a slapper from the high slot.

I have 3 stars and a (NOT) Player of the game

3 stars:

3. Max Pacioretty. In Pacioretty’s first game back he set up his teammates with smart passes all night long. He showed speed, strength and smarts. Hopefully in future games, he can break through and score some goals. He should be one of Montreal’s major offensive contributers

2. James Reimer. Any game a goalie can get a shutout is a game well played. He gets the 4th shutout of his career and it was well deserved. 32 shots saved.

1. David Steckel. Steckel won almost every one his faceoffs. What better form of defence than keeping the puck out of the other team? Great pick up by Toronto.

And now, for the (NOT) Player of the Game…


As always, I cringed watching Gomez try to handle the puck. He used his stone hands to turnover to puck multiple times. Granted, he did have some chances… but he missed them all… because he’s Scott Gomez. Though I will give him credit for getting up after going head first into the boards.

I’m depressed, I’m going to bed.

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