At a young age I found out I was related to one of the most influential goaltenders from the Montreal hay days. Who wouldn’t be excited when ur great uncle dawns his mask in the middle of a game after being hit in the face which started the evolution of the goalie mask. Ok so your hooked from a young age, now what do you do about it?

The games of pick up hockey were great but my family never had the time or money to put me in hockey so the dream slowly dies. A sport you love and urine for never leaves your blood. I could never hold a candle to Mr Plante in goal, I kind of more resembled the likes of Andre “Red Light” Racicot. I found I was a better defencemen and stuck with that. Now years later I can’t get it out of my system, I want more and more.

My son will be 11 in July and he has a lot of passion for the game. He started late but in his first season was the most valuable defensmen. I see in him what I felt at that age and it scares me.  We have one current family member playing in San. Jose for the Sharks (Andrew Desjardins) and this seems to be a driving force for my son. It get’s me wondering, could he possibly go after his dream?

We bleed the Blue Blanc et Rouge and I don’t think I could ever stop. Hockey is our sport, our country’s sport and most of all our passion.

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