In Montreal’s final preseason game against the Lightning, Tampa Bay forward, Ryan Malone committed a clear headshot on Habs d-man Chris Campoli. As soon as the hit occurred everybody was sure we’d see Shanahan once more, as the NHL is trying to crack down on hits to the head. That being said, in this hit, Malone only made contact with Campoli’s head. So, why no suspension? Please tell me, NHL, if you are trying to protect your players, then why do let these dangerous hits go un-penalized? WHY!?

The NHL’s reasoning was basically, “Malone will not be suspended because Campoli hit Malone’s shoulder with his head.” Not lying. If you read the article, you’ll see that it blames Campoli for moving his head into the path of Malone’s shoulder.

Before I continue to rant, here is the actual hit.

Shanahan says “the Canadiens defenseman lunged in a way that the head became the check’s principal point of contact.” 

Did you see a lunge? I sure didn’t see a lunge. I saw a defenceman following up on a play, which, in case the NHL didn’t know, requires one to move their body. So what if Campoli moved prior to the hit? People move all the time. Did the Shanahan expect Campoli to just stand still because Malone was going hit him? No. If player safety is the NHL’s top priority, they obviously dropped the ball on this one.

We all expected something like this to happen after seeing what a pest Malone was being prior to the hit. (For example) He had gotten into it with Subban and pushed Price into his net. He could have easily eased up and went for the puck, but all Malone cared about, was being as big a tool as he possibly could be. That usually doesn’t bother me as it makes games more entertaining, but if you’re jeopardizing other players’ safety, then you’ve gone too far.

This whole situation reminds me of something… another Habs player illegally hit with no suspension… Ah yes, Chara’s hit on Pacioretty last February. Congratulations NHL! You now have x amount of Habs fans forming conspiracy theories trying to explain why you keep making unjust decisions against the Montreal Canadiens. Well I know I am.


I could list a bunch of other things about this lack of punishment that anger me, but I have an 8000 word maximum, so I’ll stop there.

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