In the upcoming 2012 World Junior Championship, Habs fans will have something to take their minds off of the awful play of their team of late by looking into the future. Not literally, but Habs fans will have the opportunity to witness 3 of their most highly touted prospects in an extremely competitive environment starting on boxing day. The pre-competition has begun but that’s still meaningless as is the NHL preseason.

Defenceman Nathan Beaulieu, and forwards, Brendan Gallagher and Micheal Bournival are all apart of Canada’s roster. I’m excited to see how each of these players reacts and responds to the enormous pressure placed on them, because that will be a great precursor  as to how they manage in Montreal. If that’s not enough pressure, Gallagher has been recognized as part of the leadership core, thus meaning if the Canadians suffer heart wrenching defeat like the past two years, the blame will fall more heavily on Gallagher and the rest of the core.

Based on what I’ve seen in the preseason, the game against Finland on Monday and just general news clips, I think Gallagher will respond really well and continue to be the hardworking player that he has been know to be. The pressure shouldn’t affect him too much. Like most players, past and present, the thrill of just being there representing their country will stifle the angst of failure completely.

As for the other two, this will be the first time the spotlight sheds light on their play to the masses. Sure, they participated in preseason but didn’t really do anything to stand out or get themselves noticed.

Catch your glimpse in about 2 hours when the Canadian juniors, under the guidance of their newly appointed captain Jaden Schwartz, take on the Swiss in their second pre-competition affair. TSN2 9:00 ET

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(Photo: Eric Miller/The Gazette)

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