Jets fans can’t be all to happy the the Montreal Canadiens. Not only did the Habs rain on the Jets’ parade, they took it and stomped on it. Final score 5-1. Either Habs played great or the Jets pooped the bed. Probably both, but never the less it was a historic game. The MTS centre was electric, they didn’t care how bad they’re team was playing, just that fact that they had a team was good enough for Winnipeg on this night.

The first period consisted mostly of end to end action, but still only saw Montreal getting the chances. First period was definitely highlighted by Cammaleri going shelf after Oduya coughed up the puck. The shot was so picture perfect, I feel obliged to include it in this post.

The interesting thing about this goal, is the fact that it wasn’t even the nicest goal scored. In fact, all of Montreal’s goals came on very nice shots. Unfortunately, shortly after, Cammaleri got hurt, and it looked bad. You could see the panic in his face. I heard it was a bad cut around the knee area. I hope it is because Montreal can’t afford another long term injury loss. If laceration is the case, then Cammi should be out for approximately 2 weeks.

After 1 the score: 1-0 MTL.

The second, very similar to the first, but heavier dominated by Montreal. Winnipeg still struggled to get any offence going, but had more good chances (If that makes sense). Price showed exactly why Montreal fans have come to love him, with glove saves and just  generally, standing his ground, not giving the Winnipeg offence an inch. Yet again, the period was highlighted by what I think could end up being a candidate for goal of the year. Not so much the shot but what he did to Oduya. Just… just watch.

I was unable to watch the beginning on the 3rd period because I was driving home from Thanksgiving. As it would turn out, I missed a lot. I missed Antropov score the first ever Jets regular season goal at MTS centre. I also missed Weber snipe it from the point to make it 3-1. Then, I missed Moen score a nice goal to make it 4-1. I had just gotten home when Pacioretty scored his first goal after coming back from his neck injury. Words can’t even describe how happy I was for him. I’m sure his family and friends felt he same way. The third period saw Winnipeg fight back and register 14 shots, almost as many as the combined shot totals of their first 2 periods. It was far from paying off though. Final score 5-1

Montreal wins their first game of the season and are now 1-1-0.

Here are my 3 stars.

3- Carey Price. So close to his first shutout. Saved 30 of 31 shots for a .968 save percentage.

2- Max Pacioretty. Based solely on the fact that he got his first goal back. What can I say? I’m a sucker for a feel-good story.

1- Tomas Plekanec. This guy was buzzing all night long. 1 (amazing) goal 2 assists. The stats speak for themselves.

And now… It’s time for the (NOT) Player of the Game!!!

Today the dishonour goes to…. JOHNNY ODUYA! He was a bismal -3 on the night. He got embarrassed by Plekanec and also put Montreal’s first goal right on Cammaleri’s blade. Better luck next time Johnny!


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