If you read my post earlier, you would have read that I was going to be trying something different for tonight’s write up.My idea is essentially, watching the game through twitter. Instead of just writing about the game I thought it’d be cool to put tweets from the Habs people into one twitter feed. I included tweets that let you know what happened, Tweets with insight, ones with humour and one I just agreed with. I doubt I’ll do this again, but regardless, let me know what you think of this “game through twitter’s eyes” in a comment or tweet me @JacksonScarrow. I’ll have some of my thoughts on the game too.

  And that’s all she wrote! Well, all THEY wrote! A little risky I know but I won’t let this post go by without sharing my perspective on this awesome game. Awesome for Montreal, not so much for Boston.

From the picture, you’ll know Montreal took a 3-0 by the second period. Goals from Gionta, Eller and Desharnais. Down by 3 Boston could not do anything but lash out at Montreal, penalty after penalty. Normally that wouldn’t’ve mattered because Montreal have been less than great on the powerplay. The opposite was shown tonight 2 of Montreal’s goals came on the powerplay.

Some players not really mentioned in the twitter list above, who played quite well: Cole, Cammaleri and Desharnais. These three have been on fire last 3-4 games. Tonight Cammaleri had 2 assists, Desharnais had a goal and Cole was kept off the scoreboard but continued to drive wide and play well tonight.

My theory about the “Curse of the Pink Pads” continues to hold up as Montreal wins for a 3rd time in as many games. Now, Montreal has a 5 night break.  Will the hot streak continue?

And Thanks to all of the “tweeple” I used in the recap!

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