Christopher Pike, The National

The United Arab Emirates remain the only team to have ever won the Gulf Cup Ice Hockey Championships thanks to a 5-0 victory in the finals against, once again, Kuwait.

There wasn’t much debate prior to the tournament as to who would be the two teams competing in the finals. Considering they are the only two teams that compete in at least one official IHF tournament other than the Gulf Cup (UAE plays in two others), it was clear from the start that the two teams would match up again when it counted the most. Like both previous times, the Emirates would be the country who would come out on top, grabbing the seemingly easy victory in front of a mainly Kuwait-based crowd.

In the bronze medal game, fairly new hockey country Qatar was able to grab their first ever medal in an ice hockey tournament. Established in 2012, Qatar only competed in a few exhibition games prior to the tournament, but their only victory in the Gulf Cup this year happened to be the only one that counted significantly.

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