The powerful Turkish team, expected to be strong from the get go, put a 13-1 pounding on Georgia on Monday, keeping the team undefeated after two games.

The game wasn’t really close at any point, but the biggest disappointment of the game for Georgia came early on in the contest. With the team already down 2-0, Georgia’s top player, Vitali Dumbadze, was given a game misconduct after a kneeing incident 13 minutes in. Turkey would take advantage of the extra-long power-play, with Andy Kocoglu picking up a goal just two minutes into the power-play.

The rest of the game was completely one-sided in Turkey’s favour. The team managed to score an additional seven more goals, with Serdar Semiz leading the way with four. Turkish captain Emrah Ozmen also did his part offensively, scoring a hat-trick and adding an extra four assists for seven points on the night.

It’s interesting to note that on the final score sheet, Turkey finished with a 90-5 shot advantage. It’s typical in low-level events like this for the shot clock to be very, very off. While it’s possible that the shots may actually turned out to be exactly that, due to Turkey being the best team in the event, there are instances where the show advantage is never as drastic as it sounds. Regardless, the final score was good enough to satisfy their hometown fans, who will look to cheer on their nation when Turkey battles the United Arab Emirates tomorrow.

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