According to a report from international hockey news website National Teams of Ice Hockey, the second Pan American Ice Hockey Tournament is set to take place from June 3rd-7th.

The tournament, which is set to return to Mexico, was originally a five team event that had it’s debut last March. Last year, Argentina, Colombia, Canada, Mexico and Brazil all took part in the competition, with a team of Canadian selects eventually taking home the gold easily thanks to a 7-0 victory over Mexico in the finals.

There is still no word on which teams will take part in the event, but Chile, Ecuador and Uruguay were all rumored to be interested in the original event. There were some people questioning why Canada was involved in the first place, as the tournament, considered to be a low-level development event, was completely dominated by the Canadians. For some teams, such as Argentina, their roster was filled up of players who could afford the travel to Brazil, and not necessarily the best players from the country.

While it was clear who the top two teams in the tournament were, with Canada and Mexico being the only two ranked IIHF teams in the tournament, it was great for the developing nations to have a chance to play against some higher quality players for a week last year. In Colombia’s case, the team was able to secure their first ever hockey medal,  as American college hockey player Daniel Echeverri was able to lead his team to a bronze medal after defeating Argentina by a score of 9-1. For the bottom three nations last year, the Pan-Am games was the only tournament they would participate in, so competitive action is key for the developing hockey countries.

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