The second annual Pan-American Ice Hockey Tournament will feature six teams this year, one more from last year’s inaugural event.

The low level tournament, which features teams in both North America and South America, will see two teams from Mexico, two teams from Argentina, Colombia and Brazil battle it out for the gold medal in Mexico. Last year, Argentina, Colombia, Canada, Mexico and Brazil all took part in the competition, with a team of Canadian selects eventually taking home the gold easily thanks to a 7-0 victory over Mexico in the finals.

This year, however, there will not be a Canadian team taking part in 2015. With the way Canada dominated the tournament last year, it makes sense for them not to show back up again this year. Instead, a second Argentian team, as well as a junior team from Mexico, will fill the remaining two spots. Canada, Chile, Ecuador, Morocco, USA and Venezuela were all invited to take part, but decided to sit out the tournament instead.

Mexico will be hosting two major international tournaments next year, with both the Division IIB World Championships and Division III U20 World Juniors taking place in Mexico City.

The second annual Pan-American Ice Hockey Tournament is set to take place from June 3rd-7th in Mexico City.

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