It’s not everyday that you hear a country with less than 3000 people forming a hockey league, but as we found out this weekend, Falkland Islanders has managed to do just that.

With a total population of just 2,932 people, Falkland Islands is the smallest hockey nation to play organized ice hockey on record. According to their official website, Falkland Islands plans on sending players to Chile twice a year to compete at Punta Arena until a rink is eventually built in the country.

cache_45133548With not many players to choose from, the games will be made up of 3 on 3 matches, similar to what they already do with their ball hockey league. The ball hockey league has just four teams, with the Penguins sitting in first place after five games. Falkland Islands also offers inline hockey training, which could stand to help the team get players up to speed for late on-ice activities.

The team did release a render of their home and away jerseys for their national team, but as it stands, there is no word on when, or if, the team will face any other national teams in the future. There are rumors, however, that they will play at the End of the World Cup in Argentina in July, but nothing has been formally announced.

Falkland Islands is one of the 14 British Overseas Territories. Another member of the group, Cayman Islands, has played ice hockey previously, competing in the 2005 World Pond Hockey Championships in Canada. Gibraltar also has a rink, unlike the previous two countries, but has had no ice hockey action to date.

Sticktap to the National Teams Of Ice Hockey website for the tremendous find.  

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    It’s actually very awesome, that popularity of the hockey is growing. One day we gonna see one of the South America’s hockey teams at the Worlds!

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